Why Herbal?

Why Herbal? Because herbs are all-natural, non-chemical, and from the earth. No matter your religion, you can agree that if it grows on this planet, there must be a benefit to it.

I started making my own herbal blends while cruising my local herb shop and finding all different kinds of wonderful herbs. I wanted to know why the shop had these on their shelves, and what benefit could I get from them.

I bought ready-made tea blends, and added additional ingredients to reap maximum benefits. I added cornflower petals, calendula petals, rosebuds, dandelion - anything that would give me more vitamins, minerals, and healthy benefits. (Not to toot my own horn, but my last lab work over the summer was excellent - my doctor was amazed!) I am not a healthy eater, and I do not exercise like I should, but my insides are like a Ferrari engine in a Yugo body!

I have taken my trial-and-error approach of creating, and used my experience to make some wonderful herbal tea blends. I have had very positive feedback from those who have tried my teas.

I will continue to experiment and add more teas - I ask that you come back often, try some tea, and reap the benefits of good health with me!

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